Small screen dramatic series thoughts

My wife and I have been watching dramatic series on TV whether it’s traditional broadcast, cable, Netflix, Amazon, streaming whatever for well over five years now and we’ve had plenty of thoughts about them. With that in mind, we are planning to start creating video reviews of what we have watched in the near future. The reviews will be available on this website.

For the moment, I will only say that we just finished watching ‘Stranger Things.’ It is not a serious drama. In fact, the creators of this series, the Duffer brothers, have stated that their goal was to make a blockbuster summer movie. Who, for the most part, are the target for summer blockbusters? You got it – youngsters. Well, we’re not youngsters by any means but this series made us feel young-at-heart while watching it. The series does not have the clout of most of the other series we have watched but it was easy watching, over quickly, pleasant.

Now…on to more interesting fare, at least as I see it. My wife might not agree. Talk to you again soon. Cheers.

Life – a dream reality

Is life a dream, a journey through space and time all illusion, shadows flickering on a cave wall?

Do we create ourselves and the storyline of our lives?

Could remembering be the act of returning to origin or is it a self-centered exercise of no consequence?

Remember time never was….